Job Descriptions : Data Entry Clerk or Operator

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Data Entry Clerk Job Description Template

We are looking for a focused data entry clerk to continuously update our company’s databases. The data entry clerk will liaise with and follow up with employees within the company as well as with customers to collect information. The data entry clerk will capture the data into relevant databases in a timely and accurate manner. You will identify and correct errors, and swiftly bring them to the attention of relevant parties where necessary.

To do well in this job, you should collect information and capture data promptly to ensure the business’ databases are current to accurately reflect its developments, updates and transactions. Top candidates will be focused, diligent, energetic and have good people’s skills.

Data Entry Clerk Responsibilities:

  • Gathering invoices, statements, reports, personal details, documents and information from employees, other departments and clients.
  • Scanning through information to identify pertinent information.
  • Correcting errors and organizing the information in a manner that will optimize swift and accurate capturing.
  • Creating accurate spreadsheets.
  • Entering and updating information into relevant databases.
  • Ensuring data is backed up.
  • Informing relevant parties regarding errors encountered.
  • Storing hard copies of data in an organized manner to optimize retrieval.
  • Handling additional duties from time to time.

Data Entry Clerk Requirements:

  • High school diploma or Graduation
  • 1+ years experience in a relevant field.
  • Good command of English.
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office Word and Excel.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to concentrate for lengthy periods and perform accurately with adequate speed.
  • Proficient touch typing skills.


A data entry operator is responsible for accurately inputting and maintaining data in databases, ensuring its quality and confidentiality. They verify information, manage files, document activities, communicate with team members, and adhere to deadlines. Technical proficiency, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills are essential for this role.

A data entry operator needs basic skills in fast and accurate typing, computer literacy, and proficiency in spreadsheet and database software. Attention to detail, time management, and communication skills are essential. Knowledge of confidentiality, basic math, data quality control, file management, and adherence to organizational policies is also necessary. Adaptability to new tools and technologies is a plus.

Data entry operators are essential for ensuring accurate and organized information within organizations. They save time, enhance efficiency, maintain data integrity, and contribute to informed decision-making. Their role is crucial in complying with regulations, securing sensitive information, and adapting to technological advancements.

Common types of data entry include textual, numeric, alphanumeric, image, online form, database, copy-paste, audio/video transcription, Excel spreadsheet, medical, legal, catalog, financial, and administrative data entry. Specialization depends on the industry and organization’s needs.

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